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Technology in Our Dna

It all started like this: 3 co-founders and 1 iOS developer. Without the latter, there would be no application, it’s as simple as that. Since then, our team has grown considerably. Back & front, iOS & Android, Data, QA, SRE, DBA developers... They all work together to offer our clients and driver-partners the best application there is.

Custom-Made Benefits

24/7 trainings

Tech guild, stand-up tech, mentoring…
No, it never stops.


SCRUM methodology
2 days/week teleworking
Full remote.

Relocation package

Wherever you are, we are there to support you every step of the way.

At the Heart of the Matrix

Our platform consists of more than a hundred micro-services and web applications and each has its own database and API. We use Node JS, Python, Go and MongoDB, PostgreSQL as database, and ReactJS as a framework front.

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High Tech News

Latest trends, opinions, conference reviews, launch of our latest feature, the Barcelona hub opening and many more. If you don’t want to miss Kapten’s tech news, you came to the right place!

Our Medium


Backend developer


Data Analyst


Backend developer

As a developer at Kapten, I'm proud to be in charge of creating the tools that'll help customers and drivers' experiences, but also business teams to make the most out of their time to innovate on tomorrow's mobility. Moreover, it's the opportunity to grow up with a really dynamic tech team that put their best effort to think and write high-quality code.


Data Analyst

The most exciting part about working at Kapten is that we have the opportunity to work every day with all stakeholders and businesses in France but also abroad. We grow in an essential team for the company, it rocks ! With the data scientists and data engineers, we'll address one of our biggest challenges: understand and predict our customers' and partners' behaviors.

So, Shall We Get Started?