Introducing Driver Rewards Programme – Kapten Deals!

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At Kapten, we believe in having a relationship with our driver partners that goes beyond just driving. To reward and recognise the efforts of our hard working driver partners, we’re introducing a Driver Rewards Programme - Kapten Deals!

This programme is designed to benefit every Kapten driver partner. Under this new programme you will be able to unlock 3 Kapten reward tiers based on set weekly targets: Silver, Gold and Platinum. These tiers will give you access to a wide range of discounts and offers including, but not limited to, Halfords discounts, car wash & servicing discounts and priority email support etc. The discounts and deals will vary depending on each tier.

How does it work:

You will be given weekly targets to achieve a tiering status. Once unlocked, the tier and its offers are valid for a week.

Your tier will be updated every Monday depending on previous weeks performance. To maintain your tier, you will have to unlock it every week by completing the tier rides target. Once you achieve a tier target, you will automatically be moved to the applicable tier for the following week.

We understand that each month can be different in terms of how busy it gets. Hence to ensure we set realistic targets, we will update the weekly targets every month.

How can you access the deals:

  1. Tap on the deals tab in the main side menu.
  2. You’ll be redirected to our rewards website
  3. Tap on your tier to view your offers and start reaping the rewards!


Can I opt out of benefits:

Our rewards programme is just another way we reward our driver partners. No subscription fee, no hassle from your end. However, If you wish to opt out of the programme, you can do so anytime by emailing our driver support team at Please allow up to 7 days for your opt-out request to be processed. Opting out will not affect your earnings or driving status with Kapten. You can opt back in anytime by emailing our support team.

Where can I check my tier status:

You can check your tier in the Monday bonus email. You can also easily check your tier by tallying your completed rides for the week with the tier rides targets. For example, if the Gold tier target is 50 rides and you have completed 50 rides in the past week (Monday - Sunday), you belong to the Gold tier this week and can enjoy the offers under this tier.

How can I improve my tiering:

  • You can improve your tier by maintaining a good number of rides. Below are a few tips to help you make the most of your time with Kapten:
  • Keep a look-out in the app for surge areas - you are more likely to get more rides in that area
  • Ensure you are online during peak hours, especially during the weekends, to make the most of increased demand
  • Keep a look out for ongoing events in the city for expected higher demand in the surrounding areas
  • During the weekends, people are traveling in and out of the city hence the demand is likely to be higher around train stations and airports
  • During the weekdays, make sure to be online during morning and evening peak times 8am - 9am & 5pm - 8pm.
  • Be at your best service. Remember, good service from you results in higher ratings and a loyal customer, increasing business for you.

What is the weekly target cycle:

Weekly targets will be calculated for rides done between Monday and Sunday. Rides number will be refreshed every Monday.

Do the deals have an expiry:

Each tier’s deals are valid for the week for which you have earned them.

Will you introduce any more deals:

The deals are subject to change. Hence, from time to time, more deals will be added, refreshed and replaced to make the most of this programme for you. You can always give us feedback on the kind of deals you would like us to add and we will work on upgrading our programme to your needs.

Terms and conditions.

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