Kapten is joining

Private hire vehicles and black cabs
together on one app for the first time.

With more cars, more choice and the best drivers in town,
get where you need to, when you need to.

Kapten joins FREE NOW FAQ:

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions:

Why are Kapten and FREE NOW joining?

More than 60% of Londoners have at least two ride-hailing apps on their phones, so we’ve joined forces to bring both black cab and private hire vehicles (PHV) options together in one app. Together, we’re faster. More cars on our platform means quicker pickups and faster arrivals. We’re better. More car types for every occasion including different sizes from 4-6 seats, accessible options, and London’s largest electric fleet. We’re safer. With high quality, TfL approved drivers, factory-installed screens in black cabs and live in-app tracking. By combining forces we can offer better service to our passengers and create more demand for our drivers, it’s win-win-win!

What is FREE NOW?

FREE NOW is one of Europe's leading ride-hailing apps that connects more than 14 million passengers with drivers in more than 100 cities.

FREE NOW has previously been London’s leading black cab app. By joining forces with Kapten, FREE NOW is now London’s only ride-hailing app with black cabs and private hire vehicles all together.

Can I use my Kapten account to travel with FREE NOW?

Yes! Your account will be moved over to FREE NOW, so you don’t need to create a new one. The only thing you have to do is open your Kapten app and start the migration process to get your account ready. It’s a really simple process that takes less than two minutes. After a few quick taps, you will be all set to order a ride in the FREE NOW app.

Do I need to add a new payment method?

No, once you have migrated your account, your payment methods will automatically transfer with you from Kapten to FREE NOW.

How can I pay in the FREE NOW app?

You can pay using credit or debit card, Apple Pay if you have that option on your phone, or PayPal if you have an account.

To add a payment method, click on the top right corner of the app to select the option “Pay through the app”. The payment method must be chosen before the trip order so the app can process your ride order and allocate it to a driver.

Will I need to accept new terms and conditions?

The general terms and conditions are available to you during the process of migrating your account in the app and you can also see them here. You will have the option to agree to the privacy policy during the migration process.

You can check out our privacy policy here.

Can I still travel with Kapten?

Yes, at the moment you can still travel with Kapten. Until you make the switch from Kapten to FREE NOW you can keep taking trips with the Kapten app. However, once you migrate your account over, you'll need to use the FREE NOW app for any of your future journeys. Don’t worry though you’ll be able to find everything you loved about Kapten available on FREE NOW. Do keep in mind that we are currently migrating all of our passengers and drivers from Kapten to FREE NOW, so at some point in the future it will no longer be possible to use the Kapten app - we will let you know when this happens.

Can I still create a new Kapten account?

No, this is no longer available, if you wish to create a new account you will have to do so directly in the FREE NOW app. Don’t worry though you’ll be able to find everything you loved about Kapten available on FREE NOW, as well as black cab and electric black cab options.

Where can I see my past Kapten trips and invoices?

You can still view all of your past trip details in the Kapten app.

To access your old kapten invoices, follow these steps:

Open the Kapten app

Click on the menu (top right button)

Click on “My rides”

Select the ride for which you want the invoice

Select the option “Send me an email with the complete invoice”

You will then receive an email with the description of the ride and the corresponding invoice.

What about my loyalty points?

Your loyalty points will be transferred over to FREE NOW as soon as our loyalty program is back up and running. We will also make sure to extend the expiration date on any of your points by six months to make sure you have enough time to use them all up! We will let you know as soon as our loyalty program is ready to be relaunched.

What happens to my referral credits?

All the referral credits available on your Kapten account will be transferred over to FREE NOW. Unfortunately, they won’t transfer over as quickly as you but we’ll make sure to let you know as soon as the credits hit your account.

Does my referral code stay the same?

No, unfortunately your Kapten referral code won't be usable after you switch to FREE NOW. Find out more about referral codes with FREE NOW here.

What if I have a FREE NOW and a Kapten account?

If you already have a FREE NOW account you don’t need to do anything, as FREE NOW is replacing Kapten in London, so you can continue using the FREE NOW app. Any loyalty points or referral credits from your Kapten account will be transferred over once they become available in the app.

You can use the same email address as your Kapten account. If you don’t remember your FREE NOW password, you can request a new one on the FREE NOW login page.

Will the fares stay the same?

Yes, the Private Hire Vehicle fares will be calculated in the same way and will remain fixed before you ride as they were on the Kapten app. Black cabs are also available on FREE NOW, giving you more choice. Fares are calculated differently for black cabs based on a meter rate which is regulated by TfL.

What services are available in the FREE NOW app?

On the FREE NOW app you have access to either black cabs or private hire vehicle options. We also have London’s largest fleet of electric vehicles. These are the categories available:

Black Cab - An Iconic London Black Cab

EV Black Cab - Go Green in an Electric Black Cab

Ride - Private hire, formerly Kapten

EV Ride - Electric private hire, formerly Kapten

Top tip: all black cabs are wheelchair accessible.

What if I don’t want to transfer my account?

Once the Kapten app stops operating, you'll no longer be able to take trips with us. Switching to FREE NOW will give you access to the same service as before (just select the ‘Ride’ option) and new app features, helping you get from A to B safely, so we highly recommend it.

Other questions you may have:

Is it possible to pay in cash?

In the FREE NOW app it is possible to pay in cash for the black cab services only. To pay in cash, select the option “Cash” that appears in the right bottom corner of the app when you request your black cab.

My payment was rejected, why?

In some situations, payment through the app might fail. This can happen for several reasons related to the associated payment method:

* Expired credit card

* Exceeded weekly/monthly payment limit

* Insufficient funds in your bank account

* Other reasons given by your bank

In the majority of cases FREE NOW is not responsible for failed payments, so we recommend you contact your bank directly to get more information.

After a few days from the failed payment, we will try again and reach out to you to settle the payment for the trip.

How do driver tips work?

In the FREE NOW app, you have the option of rewarding drivers by tipping a calculated percentage of the value of your trip. You can give a tip of 10%, 15% or 20% on top of the

value of your trip. Thanks in advance on behalf of your driver!

What is FREE NOW for Business?

FREE NOW has a business travel solution for your company that allows employees to easily book a black cab or private hire vehicle and pay for it through the company account.

If you are an admin on your company account, you will receive a monthly invoice for all the FREE NOW trips your employees have made on the account.

Can I prebook my ride?

In the FREE NOW app, prebooks are available for the black cab services only at the moment. You can pre-book your journey up to 4 days in advance. The process is really easy, just select the date and time you want to travel during the booking process in the app.

How to estimate the fare of a trip?

To estimate the price of a ride, tell us where you’re going in the app, and click on the service you want to order to see the calculated fare. For black cabs, where the fare is calculated on the meter, you’ll see an estimated fare. For private hire vehicles, you’ll see a fixed price for your journey before you ride.