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We’re here today to answer the question that is asked the most: Why choose Kapten? Simply because we are there for you at all times.

In life, there are three types of people:

- Firstly, there are those who know Kapten and use it regularly. Quiet evening journeys and early morning trips to the airport, you think you know us by heart, but as you will see, we are full of surprises.

- Then there are those who know Kapten but have not yet taken their first trip. No matter how much you get to know us, you can't imagine how much Kapten can do for you (yes, some of our drivers drive a Prius). Your friend Chris doesn't like to see you flirting with other ride-hailing apps? Or have you not warmed to us? Anyway, give us a second chance!

- Finally, there are those who have not had the pleasure of knowing Kapten and who have therefore never been able to try out the service. For some obscure reasons, our carefully picked words and cleverly targeted marketing campaigns have not reached you yet. Don’t worry, there is no escape. Or maybe you’ve lived in a cave rubbing sticks together for the past 7 years and you don’t know that it is now possible to order a vehicle directly on your smartphone. In any case, make yourself comfortable and let us give you a little reminder.

# I choose Kapten because:

1) Before the trip: fixed price

There is nothing worse than getting stuck in the middle of a traffic jam, thinking about that pesky meter increasing by the second. Followed by the growing regret of taking a taxi during rush hour... Unfortunately, not everyone has the power to split traffic in two à la Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty. This is exactly why we set the price before the ride to avoid unpleasant surprises.

2) During the ride: Quality is key

You are now in your vehicle. And not just any one as you may have noticed! Can you imagine arriving at the office in front of your colleagues in a state of the art Toyota Prius? All the vehicles in our network are recent models and must comply with a precise charter respected by all our partner drivers.

Speaking of our drivers, each of them is invited to a training session on our premises before starting the races with us, so that they can guarantee the quality of service provided by Kapten. Did you enjoy your last ride? More convenient than searching high and low for loose change, reward your driver directly in the application with a tip that will be refunded in full. You can also send us your opinions by noting and commenting on your ride directly from the app.

3) After the ride: Proactive Customer Service

Everything was set to go smoothly that day. You got up early, eager, ready to start your day with the eyes of the tiger. But a little incident quickly arose, when ordering you realise your driver is 10 minutes away. After riding with your fists clenched in frustration, you arrive at your destination! Later in the day, in your coffee break, bingo! You discover credits on your account, which will be deducted from your next ride.

Witchcraft? Big Brother? Divine intervention? Not far away, it was a magical coup from our incredible customer service team, who spotted the increased wait you had to go through and offered compensation without you having to lift a finger.

4) Everyone is pampered at Kapten

We often hear: "Why do ride-hailing apps only take care of their new customers? Why are the faithful never rewarded? Why does your toast always fall butter side up?" Look no further, we have the answers to all these questions! Open your eyes, you have in front of you the only ride-hailing app that rewards your loyalty, both with a loyalty program + an exclusive sponsorship system (also the butter adds weight to the toast).

It's not over yet! If you as an Internet professional have a Facebook account, check out our page, we regularly organize games to earn credits and other benefits! Ready to give us a bash yet?

5) Ride4Good: the first rounding feature

We are proud to include this little gem in this already very complete list: Ride4Good. From now on you can choose to round up the price of your ride to the nearest 50p, the difference then gets donated to charity. A lot of change can make a big difference.

Are you convinced? I bet you are!

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