I ride, I round up, I donate.

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We are proud to announce the launch of Ride4Good, the first round up and donate feature in any ride-hailing app in London!

Ride4Good, what is it? 🧐

This new feature allows all our riders to round up the price of their ride to the nearest 50p. 100% of the donations collected will be donated to charity.

But round up for who? 🤔

At first, it will be for Epic. Epic fights to change the lives of disadvantaged young people by offering innovative donation solutions and directing these donations to non-profit social organisations. These organisations are carefully selected on the basis of their impact, transparency and leadership. Epic currently has 28 associations worldwide in the fields of education, health, child protection and professional integration. To find out more about Epic's mission and all the organizations in the portfolio, visit epic.foundation/en ! Do you want to contribute to this project? To do this, simply click on the option in the "Ride4Good" menu of your app and it will be rounded up automatically with each ride. This feature can be enabled or disabled at any time. For iOS users, a surprise will be hidden on the logo of your app.

We remind you that Ride4Good & Epic are free services and 100% of your donations will be donated. To celebrate this new feature, Kapten is committed to doubling your donations until the 1st December! Thanks again to all the Kapten volunteers who, over the course of a weekend, gave birth to this beautiful project. Go to the app to activate Ride4Good!

Lucie, from Team Kapten.

Legal notice: Ride4Good is a feature of the Kapten application that allows you to round off the final amount paid (including the fare and any waiting costs) of your trips to the next 50p. The amount of this rounding will be 100% donated to the association presented in the functionality. To enable or disable the feature go to the Ride4Good tab of your application menu.

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