Surge: we explain everything to you!

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Since the launch of our service, the team here in London has always sought complete transparency about our operations. In the feedback you sent us, surge is the most common question that is asked. Here’s a short piece describing exactly how it works.

Kapten: a platform for networking

Kapten is a platform for connecting partner PHV drivers who are ready to make their vehicles available to passengers looking for a trip. In other words, we do everything possible to ensure that passengers looking for a trip can get a driver as soon as possible and at any time.

Sometimes the number of passengers looking for a trip reaches exceptional peaks in certain areas at certain times, exceeding the number of drivers available (Saturday evening, school holidays, rain, end of concerts...). In this case, we apply a surcharge, the value of which varies according to demand, on the price of any journey from the area concerned, in order to bring in more drivers and thus successfully complete all orders. This increase is temporary and makes it possible to increase the number of drivers on the road as long as demand remains high. The amount is always visible in the details of your price when you place your order and on your invoice at the end of the trip.

What can I do to reduce this increase?

Please note that all trips booked in advance are protected from the surcharge with the Zero Surcharge Guarantee, which is included in the final price of the trip and displayed when you book. It allows your future ride to be protected against any price increase, regardless of the level of demand. In this case, we pay the driver's increased remuneration in full.

Remember that you can always count on our loyalty program to help you: a 25% and 50% discount on the Zero Premium Guarantee is offered to all our Gold and Platinum customers respectively. In addition, an increased ride means more points recovered, which can then be converted into free rides!

Rest assured that our team are doing their utmost to mobilise even more partner drivers on our platform and thus maintain optimal availability at the best price at any time of the day, with the aim of maintaining a perfect balance between supply and demand.

Any more questions? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are always listening to you!

See you very soon,

Aurélien, from the Kapten team

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