Lifting the bonnet on London’s lockdown – Best London bars that deliver

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Having to be your own bartender during the lockdown in the city where you can find some of the best cocktails in the world can get a little sad. Thankfully some of London’s best bars are now delivering their signature ready-made drinks to your door so you can keep exploring London's cocktail scene! Check out the list we put together to find some of our favourite picks.

Haven’t got a chance to try the new zero-waste bar in town before the lockdown? Here is your chance, order one of their cocktail pouches right to your door now!

This Hackney gem is on the list of World’s 50 best bars, so if you miss discovering new amazing places in London, why not give their tropical old fashioned a try?

Did someone say quarantinis? The Sun Tavern has got you covered with their Quarantine Kit!

In a mood for some experimental cocktails tonight? Lolipop’s drinks come in boxes of six or 12 with all the garnishes you’d expect to get in the bar!

Get yourself a bottle of the Mirror Margarita perfect for the Friday after-work drinks on your couch. Margarita Zoom party anyone?

Cocktail Trading Company has got your living room bar covered from a Spotify playlist to a top-notch dad joke, all delivered right to your door!

Scottish cocktail? While you’re at it you can also order one of their delicious burger kits for a weekend night in all sorted!

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