Our commitments

Be local, care for people, build together to drive mobility forward.

Development of Kapten

Kapten supports the professional development of its partner drivers

The environment

Kapten reduces its carbon footprint through environmental initiatives



Kapten is commited to improving the life of the local community and supports projects with positive impact

Our Manifesto

At kapten, we are convinced that there is room for another way. That a circle can be virtuous, that effectiveness can be human and victory unanimous.

That all of this, is possible.

At kapten, we are convinced that egoism produces only isolated people, that contempt only inspires an even greater contempt. That on the contrary, mutual aid can rise an army and that respect brings respect.

That all of this, is necessary.

At kapten, we are convinced that anybody can do it. That for us, a transport platform, it starts by rewarding our users, looking after our drivers, and involving ourselves in the cities that welcome us.

That all of this, is now.

We won’t change people’s whole life, but we might change their daily life.

kapten _ might just be your best decision today