Ride. Accumulate points. Get discounts

Your loyalty status upgrades based on the number of rides you have done with Kapten.
For every ride you take, you gain 50 loyalty points!

How do I get loyalty points?

By taking more rides you can upgrade your status and get access to more benefits

Earned rewards

1 Ride = 50 points

1 ride will get you 50 loyalty points

Earned rewards

1 ride = 50 points

Super Boost

During Super Boosts, your points are multiplied every ride! Stay tuned to access your rewards even faster.

Earned rewards

1 ride = 50 points

Maxi Boost

Earn a higher boost each time for more points, even faster. Watch for Maxi Boost periods and enjoy rewards right away!

Earned rewards

1 ride = 50 points

Giga Boost

You earn more, a lot more points with your rides. Wait for the signal, the Giga Boost periods come and go!

Premium phone support

Use our dedicated phone support

How can I spend my points?

The more you use Kapten, the more points you earn. You can then use your points to get free rides and great discounts! Go to the 'Loyalty Program' in the Kapten app to play Kap'roulette or visit the Kapten Gift Shop

Play Kap’roulette and earn up to a free ride!

Come to our Gift Shop to buy discounts up to a Free ride!